GiordanaToccaceli-An International Relationship Coach


A name which is often heard, Giordana Toccaceli is the woman who has expertise in relationships, international Relationship and intimacy. She has worked with thousands of women and men all over the world. This shows how powerful she is. She has made most of her clients intomagnetic and attractive people who are now able to attract partners that are fantastic and incredible.

Being a woman,she didn’t only focus on coaching other women but also treated men with equal importance and has also given coaching to them. Working with both genders has given her a deep understanding of how they are committed, to what extent and also, their reasons for becoming part of their lives.

Let’s know about her career

From top CEOs to many clients around the world, Giordana Toccaceli has served and worked with a variety of people. Her clients include athletes, models, actors,entrepreneurs, business personalities and common people with similar struggles. She contributes to ashow on the Univision TV in whichshe presents in the morning and she is the co-founder of the project Embody love and Founder of Woman’s Allure.

Besides the regular morning TV show, she and her servicesare featured on top media outlets such as the Fox News, Mindbodygreen and the Elite Daily. She also hasFacebook and YouTube videos which reach people quicker and faster than any media every month.


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Donot hesitate to connect with Giordana. Take inspiration from her, get your mind and body healed with the way she shows you, the path which is full of green and the right way for you to choose.