Guidelines On DHT Blocking Shampoos You Need to Know

With the varieties of DHT shampoo in the market, only a few have some effect on scalp DHT levels and hair growth. In searching for the best Dht blocker shampoo, you should look for the ingredients of the product. As there are ingredients that can cause hair damage and hair loss. The DHT shampoo product has grown in the last few years. Shampoos are boasting of natural ingredients to block DHT at the scalp and prevent hair loss. Before buying, make sure to look for the ingredients and their role in preventing hair loss.

The Essential and Effective Ingredients

You need to check the list of ingredients before you buy any shampoo that’s designed to block DHT. Most shampoos contain one to three active ingredients. These are usually chemicals or natural extracts that have an active, measurable effect. These are an important factor to look for this will create the shampoo’s smell, feel and texture.

  • You need to check whether the product has passed through real medical testing. Some DHT blocking shampoos have an active ingredient that might block DHT. This means that most of the active ingredients you see on some shampoos are not proven to block DHT on the scalp. Look for the product that has at least the standard test like the FDA uses.
  • Some anti-DHT shampoo ingredients affect the scalp DHT levels and hair growth. The ketoconazole, for example, this can disrupt the DHT pathway in the scalp. You can check this on the ingredient label on the products. Yet some of the DHT blocking shampoos doesn’t use this formula which is better.
  • Biotin is another active ingredient with proven benefits for hair loss. Biotin doesn’t block DHT at the skin level. It has a measurable effect on hair growth. This is a great option for people dealing with hair loss.
  • Some DHT blocking shampoos also contain vitamins. This is important also in promoting hair growth and preventing nutrition-related hair loss. Yet, these vitamins don’t block DHT instead, they create an environment that makes hair grow.
  • The Pumpkin seed oil is a natural ingredient that is effective on DHT and hair growth. This oil has found to increase mean hair count within 24 weeks.
  • Saw palmetto, another naturally occurring substance, has a mild effect on DHT levels. This can reduce DHT levels to produce a noticeable slowdown in male pattern baldness.

There are many ingredients that have an effect on hair growth, yet look for the natural ones. You need to choose the DHT blocking shampoo that has at least one of the active ingredient listed above. This way, you can assure to have the product with the proven effect on DHT levels and hair growth.