Personalized Printed tote bags online


Due to the heavy usage of plastic, the world is getting polluted. So, came the bags which are environment friendly and does not cause any harm to the environment. They are the tote bags which are larger in size to keep more things and they have the handles which are parallel, and this will be easy to carry, and they don’t come with a lock or something, they are the unfastened bags. Those handles are on the either side of the bag.

These bags are made up of cloth or with leather and it is comparatively thicker than the polythene bags which are widely and extensively used. The fabric which is used in making of these bags are usually cotton, nylon which have the holding capacity without getting easily torn. Making of these bags is an expensive process and so are bags are also a bit costly compared to the plastic bags. These bags are also printed for several purposes and katoenen tassen bedrukken is gaining its popularity.

cotton bags

Jute is also a material through which these bags are made, and this is a traditional type of making but this did not gain much popularity. Now a days with the improvement in technology synthetic fibres are used with many designs to attract the customers as well as to maintain the life of the bag. Durability, quality are the factors which are considered by people when they are going to buy or invest on something like these bags.

Some of these tote bags are made from the recycled matter which are inexpensive and are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Print the bags

As these cotton bags have gained much popularity and admiration, business have got an idea to print their logos and their brands or companies on the bags so that their business will be promoted with free of cost and this is called katoenen tassen bedrukken in dutch. They are designed in such a way that they attract the people with their bright colours. Several companies have been established for this printing purpose and they have their own rates for each kind of printing.

These look stylish and can be reusable. They are printed with good quality colours so that they won’t get faded away fast and even after several washes the design and the colour retain in the same condition. This is the best alternative or replacement for the usage of the plastic bags which are very harmful to the environment. At Viprinta you can select from various designs and from the catalogue and design your own tote bag for yourself.