Quartz Worktops London – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you in London and shopping for a new worktop? Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or commercial worktop, a quartz worktop is guaranteed to meet all your needs. Quartz worktops London are popular for good reasons, and the popularity will definitely rub off on you too.

Quartz is a common mineral yet most people know so little about it. This article will give you a deeper insight into quartz surfaces and suggest reasons why you should consider buying a quartz worktop.

Quartz – Where Does It Come From?

There are several interesting facts about quartz. For starters, it is the most common mineral on earth covering about a 1/8th of the planet’s surface. Second, quartz comes fourth when it comes to hardness – only diamond, sapphire, and topaz are harder and more durable than quartz. Finally, quartz is incredibly versatile and can be fashioned into diverse shapes and designs.

Quartz Worktops

Mining quartz is easy, but it takes some work before it can be used. Quartz is not very appealing in its natural form – it appears plain and grayish. As such, it takes some manufacturing to give it its brilliant colors and smooth texture.

As mentioned, quartz is versatile and easy to work with. To this end, most quartz surfaces are composed of only 93% quartz – the rest is coloration, resin, and other additives. It can be manufactured in a controlled environment to adopt virtually any appearance including singular colors as well as dual and multiple blends. It can also be cut and shaped into any design, thus making it even more versatile.

Ideal Uses of Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops, as mentioned, are versatile and can be used in many applications. Some of their uses include:

  • As Kitchen Worktops

Quartz worktops are especially popular for kitchen surfaces for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are hygienic and easy to clean and maintain, and hygiene is necessary when cooking. They are also durable and will withstand heat and any other extreme elements associated with cooking. Finally, they look good and could complement any kitchen layout and design.

  • As Bathroom Surfaces

Quartz worktops are also popular for bathrooms for similar reasons as kitchen surfaces. They are easy to clean and maintain, which is a necessity for every bathroom. They also look good and easily adopt the ideal bathroom appearance. Finally, they can be textured to make them safer to use considering the risks associated with bathrooms.

  • As Tiles for Walls and Floors

Quartz also makes good tiles than can be used for walls and floors. They add a touch and feel of luxury and guarantee durability.

Upgrade to Quartz Worktops

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