Tips to write a good video script

In order to make a great video, you need to take care of certain factors. These factors would be able to make your video concise, interesting as well as exciting. These factors should be taken care of while writing a good video script like that done by animation ants explainer videos. Here are some of the factors that we are talking about.

Create a Solid Plan

It is important to have a plan before you begin any marketing project. This is more important in case of creating an explainer video. If you fail to plan at the early stage of the script, you may face a lot of problems. It is easier to correct your mistakes at the script stage but it will be difficult to make changes once you have illustrated and recorded your video. This all can cost you a lot of money as well as time an effort. You need to make a list about your main points.

For the early minutes of the video, you should aim to focus on the main key points. Try keeping it as simple and precise as possible. You would want to increase the excitement of your viewer in knowing more about the brand and its history.

make a video on a topic

Consider the Length

You need to think carefully about the length of your video. The attention span of humans is very short and you need to keep this point in your mind. So, you need to focus more on the content in short-form. But this should not make you compromise with the video quality. The best engagement is done within the first couple of minutes. Thinking, this to be the limit, you should make full use of it. However, if you need to make a video on a topic for a longer time, then it should be around the 7 to 13-minute mark. The engagement is less, though consistent.

If you have an idea of your audience, you can decide the length of your video accordingly. If your audience is ready to engage, you can make a little long video knowing that your audience is going to sit through the video. If you have an audience with a shorter attention span, you should make a short video with all the key facts. This would keep them engaged.


These factors or points are certainly going to help you a lot in making the script of your video a good and effective one. Make sure to keep these points in mind while writing a good script.