You can call it by any name, but the E-100 Jagdpanzer of the German Panzer division is synonymous to death. This Tier ten German tank destroyer that is also known as the “The First Death Star” in World of Tanks because of its massive gun that when you get struck off it, you will surely see the white lights.

The Jagdpanzer E-100 is one of the most formidable tanks in the German Panzer division during the Second World War. It was conceived with a self-propelled gun, capable of turning into an anti-aircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer.

In World of Tanks, the jagdpanzer e 100 in WoT takes you to another leap of size and the lack of maneuverability, although it packs a lot of firepowers, it is slower than the Jagdtiger which balances its aspect as a good and decent tank destroyer, but this one should never be left alone, as it will take all the chances to flank you and will destroy you at all cost.

Its massive 17-centimeter gun features an armor piercing capability that can put a huge hole in a 299-millimeter armor and the 420-millimeter armor by using premium ammo that could destroy virtually anything on its path. Just be careful though when aiming at the middle of the tracks especially when you are using heat as the tracks are susceptible to absorb all the damage that would surely waste one good shot at an enemy. You should also not waste your shot because the reload times takes about 30 seconds because of the size of the main gun. Each shot, however, will deal any tanks with 1000 damage which is half of the entire Health Points of a tier ten tank.

This tank which features a massive 170-millimeter cannon, or 17-centimeter cannon has an uncanny resemblance to an artillery gun such as the GwTiger and the GwTiger (P), that can deal 1050 HP of damage in each shot, while the Jagdpanzer E-100 can surely strike fear into the hearts of any World of Tanks players.

t-10 in WoT

Its alpha gun has the ability to bring down and eliminate tier ten tanks with just a couple of shots and to balance its massive firepower, you have to be patient with its reload time that is why if you are using this tank during a game, might as well bring a few backups on your side that will help you get a perfect shot at your target. When it comes to its armor, you are surely protected with a very thick layer of it that bounces off any armor-piercing round from your enemies. The only weak spot of this tank when it comes to penetrating its armor is its lower plate armor on the front portion of it, but if you face this tank at an angle, you will have a hard time to penetrate its side armors.

If you have read the tank manual when you are planning to use this tank, you will surely get good advice of its hull armor that does not provide good protection that is why you are required to come up with hull-down tactics to keep your crew protected from armor-piercing rounds. This German tank destroyer has the same hull as the E-100 heavy tank. One of the best ways aside from having two tanks to protect your flanks is to conceal it in a woody or bushy area where you can freely select and destroy your target with your 17-centimeter gun.