Interesting facts about instagram

Even though instagram is widely used by many people in their day to day, they are unaware of some interesting facts about it. This article reveals some of the most interesting information about instagram. These facts can put the instagram users into great excitement than they sound to be.


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The history of instagram will be more interesting. To reveal the fact many people are not aware how interesting this social media platform. Instagram was launched in the year 2010. As soon as their launch more than five millions were uploaded within 24 hours. Instagram was sold in the year 2012. Among the users more than seventy seven millions of instagram users are from United States. While considering instagram history there are more than forty billions of photos in it. Each and every day more than ninety five millions of photos are being uploaded. Even though people of all age group are using instagram, more than 95% of its users are considered to be the age limit of 18-29.


The other interesting thing about instagram is their influence over business. Studies have proven than more than eight million profiles in instagram are considered to be business profile. When compared to videos, these business profiles are highly loaded with images. And more than 45 millions of images related to the business are loaded in this social media daily. The business profiles which have more number of followers are getting more popularized when compared to other profiles. There are many business people who prefer to buy real instagram followers in order to add more value to their business instagram profile.


When compared to male users, the female users are very high in this social media platform. More than twenty percentages of teenagers all over the world prefer instagram when compared to other social media platform. Even though more photos are uploaded, the users are also showing interest in watching the video. It is also proven that the videos which are shared in instagram are getting more popularity and engagement than other social media sharing. While uploading images many users prefer to use some of the common hashtags which includes #Me, #Follow, #Love and #Instagood.

Apart from these, there are several other interesting things about instagram which can make the users crazy about it. The people who use it in the right way can enjoy great benefits.