Everything You Need to Know About IQ Test

If you are dying to get your IQ test done, you basically have to read everything about that particular test. Is it going to help you? Or it is really necessary in life?

First of all, Intelligence Quotient test is a measurement of your intelligence in terms of verbal, problem reasoning, comprehension and etc. There are other things IQ tests can’t measure. It can’t measure your talents, your practical skills, your fears and even your passion and dreams.

Meaning to say, this type of tests really can’t tell what kind of person you are in totality. It only says half of what you are. So before you do an Intelligence test, you have to know the things about it first.

Types of IQ Test

IQ Testing

IQ test is formally referred to as “intellectual quotient” test. And it come in many forms. This test helps in diagnosing intellectual abilities, disabilities or measures someone’s potential intellectually.

Basically, IQ tests are usually used for education purposes or for employment purposes. Before a student can enroll to a school, he is given a test first to identify his areas of needs and in what type of classroom setting he is best to be placed. In employers, they require their employees to take an IQ tests to thoroughly assess how capable they are for the tasks they will be assigned for.

Types of IQ Test

Psychologists all over the world, have worked to develop numerous of tests. These are mostly intended for elementary school-aged children, while some may also be used for adults.

Most common types of tests are:

  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale,
  • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence,
  • Differential Ability Scales,
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test,
  • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test,
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and
  • Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Disabilities.

Results of IQ Tests

Study shows that 85% of intellectually disabled children receive IQ scores of between 55 and 70. While a score over 100 is considered average.

A high score is associated with high intelligence. Extreme intelligence is 130 or above. If you have a high score you are likely considered as someone who has a lot of potential, or particularly “smart”.

Someone who score below 100 is considered to have “below average” intelligence. While those who have below 70 are considered extremely low IQ. They are the ones who are more cause for serious concern.  Sometime it indicates disabilities.

How to Get an IQ test?

Remember IQ Scores are just one piece of the whole picture, of the whole you. If you want to get a IQ test to know what your IQ score is, you can definitely get it online at https://iq-research.info/en/matrix/1.